夢中の桜 / Sakura in a Mist (by Shohei Katsuki)


夢中の桜 / Sakura in a Mist (by Shohei Katsuki)











My first click & drag! Hope you like it, I tried to not repeat characters & places. And yes, Marvel is,in fact owned by Disney, therefore I included it here as well ;)

Also doing this one again…addicted to click and drags…

Grew up in: Tron place


Occupaton: Program??? Wut?

BFF: Rapunzel!

Enemy: Gaston NOOOOO HE LOVES ME :0000!!

Story takes place in”: PARIS!!!

I grew up in New Orleans. My love interest is Aladdin, my occupation is princess. Gus is my best friend and the queen of hearts is my enemy. My story takes place in Pride Rock.

Grew Up In: Sugar Rush
Love Interest: Kristoff (*cries because didn’t get Hans, doesn’t cry because got next best thing*)
Occupation: Warrior
Best Friend: Olaf
Enemy: Gaston
Your Story Takes Place In: Arendelle (YAAAY)

Grew up: Rapunzel’s town (idk the name derp)

Love interest: Flynn (no complaints there)

Occupation: superhero

Best friend: Vanellope

Enemy: Ursula

Storyline: Prince Eric’s palace (Denmark)

Grew up: Dwarfs cottage

Love Interest: LOKI (is this the real world, or is this fantasy???)

Occupation: Princess

Best Friend: Randall (not bad not bad)

Enemy: ….. Maleficent (goodbye friends, I am gone)

Story takes place: Is that Narnia? Where the hell is that?

Grew up: Olympus (wait, does that mean I am a goddess?)

Love interest: Prince Adam/Beast (Well!)

Occupation: Program (Tron now?)

Best friend: Gus (awww)

Enemy: Gaston (fjdklaskl UGH!)

Story takes place: Agrabah (iiiiinteresting)

Grew up: Arendelle! (OH MY GOD.)
Love interest: Aladdin (YES PLEASE FFF)
Occupation: Mermaid (oh god yes)
Best friend: Gus (aaaaa)
Enemy: Judge Frollo (HOLY SHRIMPASTE NO)
Story takes place: Niceland (I have no doubt that this takes place somewhere in Kingdom Hearts. It’s the only way possible. I am the keyblade master.)

Grew up in Arendelle, love interest Loki (PFFFFF), occupation witch, best friend Gus the mouse, enemy CLU from Tron (is that his name I can’t remember), story takes place in the Pride Lands

oh my god I grew up in Norway and fell in love with a Norse god and we decided to break off from the bounds of society to live off the land in Africa, but a guy who’s an exact product of society and technology tries to track us down and kill us for some reason. The final battle is magic vs technology.  I got Disney’s next hit right here folks.

I grew up in Olympus, love interest Thor (squeeeee), occupation Superhero (oh yeah), best friend Rapunzel, enemy Maleficent and my story takes place at Pride Rock.

I could live with this. (meaning YES YES YES AND YES TO ALL, as long as there’s Simba and Thor I am happy. and also if I grew up in Olympus I must be a god which is where my super hero abilities comes from~)


Sleepy Head by Les Piccolo [flickr] [h/t: wonderous-world]

one episode, one gif: why Winry is always crying